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Our new thrust is printing! We are doing bible bookmarks and business cards! Here is a sample of what the bookmarks look like and each has the Roman Road on the back. Each is printed on parchment paper and laminated to create a permanent beautiful bookmark. Our business cards can look however people want them, they are laminated and the only deal is that I am putting some scripture on the back! And it all is FREE! The latest thing that I have seen and am believing for is a Direct to garment printer, so that I can print T-shirts and give them away. I am going to make a section on the bookmarks and business cards that shows the actual finished products but want to get this out now. Thx Matt

Our Mission

Welcome My name is Matt Hughes! Welcome to  Give The Bible Away. The first Bible is one for Bikers. Having just recently purchased a Harley, it struck me that if you decorated a Bible with the Harley Davidson Bar an Shield logo it might entice someone that normally would not receive a bible to take one proudly.  Our mission is to give the Bible away to as many as we can. I want to create tools that can make the word desirable here in the fleshly realm. We as Christians already know that the word is desirable in the physical and spiritual realm. But there are those that don't. So if we can get the physical then God can take care of the spiritual. The Bibles that we are creating are not made from inexpensive Bibles or materials. They are valuable just like the people we give them to. As we pass one of these bible to someone we are giving them that message on multiple levels. That they are valuable and we care enough to give them a valuable gift.

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